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Dennis Rodman
Ring Of Honor Cigar

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Win a Personally Signed Jersey!

Three lucky people who buy a box will find a Golden Ticket inside the box that will earn them a Signed Dennis Rodman Jersey!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who made the cigars?
The cigars were made at the SCT factory in Esteli, Nicaragua
Are they only sold on this website?
Yes, this is the only place where they can be purchased.
Did Dennis Rodman personally sign them?
Yes, he signed them in person and each box will come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) to confirm.
When will they ship?
Now shipping!
What is the blend?
This is a mild cigar with an Ecuadorian Connecticut Wrapper and Nicaraguan Binder and Fillers.
How many cigars are in a box?
20 per Box
Is it only available in boxes?
Yes, no singles or packs will be sold. Boxes only.
Will there ever be more?
No, this is a one time release of the personally signed boxes. Only 250 will ever be made.
Will the price change after the Pre Order?
No, it will stay at $397 per Box.
How do you win a signed Dennis Rodman jersey?
You have to purchase a box. Once opened, three lucky people will find a Golden Ticket inside with instructions on how to get the free signed jersey.
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