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The Onward Dreams Pyramid 3 pack is a special project between Onward & Dreamer Cigars. Each cigar is rolled in Nicaragua by the legendary JC Newman Cigar Co, for a smooth medium body taste.


The Onward Dreams cigar is the first presentation of a special collaboration between Onward & Dreamer Cigars. This partnership honors the rich tradition of boxing and cigars which go together like closed fists and gloves. Onward is a progressive boxing and athletic brand with a passion for sports and a relentless spirit. Dreamer Cigars has been igniting passion for cigar lovers and preserving the craft with a powerful digital presence reaching well over 200 Million cigar enthusiasts all over the world. Together, we created our initial offering, the ONWARD DREAMS, a sophisticated medium body pyramid wrapped in an Ecuadorian grown, Havana seed wrapper. This cigar combines a special blend of Nicaraguan tobacco filler and binder for a smooth smoke. All handrolled by the legendary, J.C. Newman Cigar Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cigar is it?
It's a medium bodied cigar meant to be approachable to all kinds of smokers.
Who made this cigar?
JC Newman Cigar Co
Where can I purchase them?
Only on
Will more cigars be made?
Yes, but this is a limited run of 3 Packs
How many cigars were made?
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